Leader Instruments introduces FS 8681 video camera and image test system

Leader Instruments recently announced a new addition to its product range, the FS 8681 video camera image inspection and evaluation system. Designed for with a standard PC, the system allows efficient checking of characteristics such as image distortion, chroma phase and saturation, tonal characteristics, resolution, signal-to-noise ratio and pixel-related defects. The system is also compatible with all current video standards including 4K, according to Leader Instruments president George Gonos.

Measurement sequences can be configured via an integral graphic user interface, allowing control of peripheral devices. Available displays include a measurement module window which is used to enter judgement criteria and other conditions as individual parameters. A measurement module window enables tests to be performed with specific conditions. Multiple tests can then be integrated using a measurement sequence editor, the results being shown in a measurement sequence execution display.

Leader specifies Blackmagic Design's Decklink Studio input/output board to interface cameras with the host PC, enables direct connection of 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, NTSC/PAL, USB and IEEE 1394 sources.