L-Acoustics KARA performs for 'Wheel of Fortune'

Production Resource Group's (PRG) Los Angeles office recently deployed an L-Acoustics KARA system for a location taping of the TV game show “Wheel of Fortune” in New Orleans.

For sound reinforcement, PRG flew an LCR system of three arrays each comprised of 10 KARA enclosures, augmented by a total of eight SB18 subwoofers, split four per side. Out fill areas were addressed by a pair of 12XT enclosures, while another two of the coaxials were located on the set for stage announce. The delay system consisted of two hangs of nine dV-DOSCs positioned 110ft out into the room. All Linear Acoustics enclosures were powered by the company’s LA series of amplified processors.

"When we go on location, we carry everything in with us," said PRG audio system designer/front-of-house mixer Bill Daly, who has handled all of “Wheel of Fortune's” remote tapings for the past 15 years. "To transform the host environment into a full TV studio, we have seven trucks of sets and draping, six lighting trucks and a full 53ft semi trailer solely dedicated to sound equipment. It's quite a production.”

"I've typically specified dV-DOSC for ‘Wheel’ in the past, but this time we had the opportunity to fly our new KARA arrays, and I was extremely pleased with their performance. The distribution of sound throughout the hall was extremely even, and I felt that KARA's sound was smoother with better high-end coverage off-axis than our previous setup. Everyone that commented to me said they really enjoyed the listening experience," Daly said.

Just two weeks prior to the “Wheel of Fortune” tapings, Daly and PRG had successfully used the same KARA enclosures at Universal CityWalk in Orlando to record two episodes of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in front of a crowd of more than 5000. In addition to the KARAs on the main stage, PRG set up a V-DOSC/dV-DOSC side stage for the show's musical guests, which included Duran Duran and Kelly Clarkson.