Kodiak Mobile Television installs Calrec Omega audio console in OB truck

Kodiak Mobile Television, Broken Arrow, OK, is installing a Calrec Omega audio console in the first of its OB trucks, a mid-sized unit serving clients that do not require full-size OB trucks. Kodiak chose Calrec because it was the single piece of equipment most requested by prospective customers.

Kodiak's 160-channel console has 40 dual-layer faders and a 5.1 spill fader panel. The configuration includes 64 AES inputs and outputs, 64 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs, and 256 channels of MADI in and out. In Kodiak's workflow, 128 channels flow via MADI between the Omega console and the routing switcher. The router embeds audio feeds into the video signals, which are sent to ISO recorders. Kodiak reserves 64 MADI input and output channels on the Omega to interface via connections in its I/O panel with other mobile units or facilities that might be on site.

The Omega's multichannel I/O capability means the truck can send dozens of different mixes that can be isolated for separate live feeds, or recorded and sent to post production. Having the ability to expand the console to use Calrec's powerful Hydra networking technology is a critical feature because it allows Kodiak to interface with other Hydra networks on location — a benefit that opens up opportunities to serve as a second or third truck in side-by-side scenarios for large productions.

Kodiak Mobile Television's mid-sized OB truck is under construction and will roll out in December with coverage of college and NBA basketball, gymnastics and Grand Prix swimming events.