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KBAK, KBFX expands Crispin system to include archiving and ingest

CBS affiliate KBAK, and FOX affiliate KBFX, in Bakersfield, CA, have enlisted Crispin's help to archive their growing library of digital content, and move content from a third-party delivery system to a video server in preparation for play-to-air.

Both stations chose Pathfire as their third-party content delivery system. For the facility, Crispin’s Digital Transfer Agent periodically reviews Pathfire’s DMG Server for new programs. Crispin issues commands via Pathfire’s Automation Connect causing the DMG server to push the programs to Pathfire’s Server Connect where they are transcoded and transferred to a video server.

Metadata is simultaneously retrieved from the Pathfire DMG and written to Crispin’s AssetBase. The required programs now reside on the video server, assembled and complete with program segment timing data in Crispin automation, ready for play-to-air.

Crispin’s ArchiveManager was selected to digitize and store their vast library of digital content. ArchiveManager manages the storage of these programs on a mix of RAID drives and DVD RAM cartridges for long-term storage.

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