It’s Pauly Superscreens for Perlman

Ted Perlman knows vocals. With a list of credits that includes some of music's most unforgettable voices, including Burt Bacharach, Bob Dylan and Carole King, Perlman understands the signal path to great recordings. No matter what microphone or preamp he selects for the singer, each session at Perlman's Buffalo Sound studio is uses a Pauly Superscreen pop filter. The screen’s transparency, along with its ability to reduce plosives, spit noise, and other unwanted sounds, makes it the definitive choice.

Made by Hilmar Pauly, a German Tonmeister, Pauly Superscreens are made from a highly select material with increased high-end and wind rejection. Because the unit mounts directly to the microphone, the performer gains improved sightlines to sheet music. The Grammy-winning Perlman notes that things even go more smoothly at the mix stage of production, because tracks recorded with the Pauly Superscreen require less effort to optimize.

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