IRT confirms SkyWAN suitability for broadcast use

Institut für Rundfunktechnik (IRT), a central research and development institute advisor for public broadcasters in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, recently conducted several performance tests with the ND SatComSkyWAN, confirming its performance and reliability for broadcast applications.

The institute confirmed that SkyWAN is appropriate for media and content applications to connect remote sites or mobile satellite newsgathering (SNG) vehicles, as well as forwarding and exchanging content among studio sites.

For the institute’s evaluation, the SkyWAN system was housed in a customary SNG vehicle to simulate authentic field conditions. Live video transmission requires excellent Quality of Service (QoS) at data rates of up to 6Mb/s. Throughput of other traffic, such as content exchange and file transfer speed, was increased to use all available network capacity.

The institute confirmed a “constant data rate” in long-term tests of more than 15 hours. “Effective TCP acceleration” and “optimal QoS behavior” were certified.

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