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Indian Zee News to update look, graphics capability

Indian broadcaster Zee News is updating its on-air look and upgrading its newsroom by automating graphics design services and playout.

Zee News is adding the VertigoXmedia Xmedia Suite for graphics automation and a VertigoCG unit to render and playout the graphics. The company’s Creative Services team will take an active role in the installation by redesigning Zee News' on-air look.

The VertigoXmedia Xmedia Suite will provide Zee News with a new set of tools for automatically creating, managing, and playing out real-time, dynamic broadcast graphics. It acts as a centralized asset management system, storing and managing all digital assets as well as real-time data feeds from virtually any source.

The Zee News staff can design new templates using drag-and-drop operations. Templates can be linked to live data feeds so that the system automatically generates up-to-date graphics.

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