Ikanos introduces IPTV-optimized, multi-mode VDSL2 solutions

Ikanos Communications has introduced an IPTV-optimized, multi-mode VDSL2 chipsets for Central Office (CO), Remote Terminal (RT) and Customer Premises Equipment (CPE).

These fifth-generation chipsets are designed to provide the highest throughput and density, with the lowest power consumption per port. All chipsets offer integrated QoS capabilities as well as enhanced impulse noise protection schemes for optimal IPTV delivery. The multi-mode products consist of:

  • The Fx(TM)100100-5 CO/RT chipset and the Fx100100S-5 CPE chipset, which support all VDSL2 profiles and are optimized for 30MHz spectrum operation to offer 100/100 Mb/s performance, and

  • The Fx10050-5 CO/RT chipset and the Fx10050S-5 CPE chipset, which support VDSL2 profiles — 8a, 8b, 8c, 8d, 12a, 12b and 17a — and are optimized for 17.6 MHz spectrum utilization to offer 100/50 Mb/s performance.

All chipsets are available in sample quantities now. Production quantities will be available in late-Q3, 2006.
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