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Huawei Tests High-Speed LTE 4X4 LTE MIMO Network

The benefits of MIMO (multiple input/multiple output) technology are well established in 802.11n wireless systems, and offers the potential to increase the capacity of LTE wireless systems without requiring additional spectrum. On Tuesday, March 27, Huawei announced "the successful execution of the world's first LTE 4×4 MIMO field trial in the network of Deutsche Telekom." The LTE network used in the field trial operated at 1.8 GHz and provided download data rates up to 250 Mbps. The system used Huawei's SingleRAN LTE solution. A 4x4 MIMO system requires four transmit antennas (not difficult) and four isolated receive antennas, which is more difficult achieve in a compact smartphone or tablet. No details were provided on the device used to connect to the Deutsche Telekom base station.

Earlier this month Huawei introduced Beyond LTE Technology for 30 Gbps. Huawei said it was able to achieve this data rate with "key breakthroughs in antenna structure, radio frequency architecture, IF (intermediate frequency) algorithms, and multi-user MIMO (multi-input multi-output)."