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Helius to provide encryption for IPTV set tops

Helius has unveiled MediaLock for IPTV, a software-based encryption solution for IPTV network operators.

MediaLock for IPTV extends the IPSEC encryption offered by the company’s MediaLock technology to IPTV set-top boxes and offers an encryption methodology that can adapt to the real-time changes necessary in the IPTV world.

Helius MediaLock currently secures and controls access at thousands of locations for large private networks. This technology is delivering the level of security required by IPTV deployments.

Historically, broadcast systems have been limited by their dependency on smart card and other hardware-centric technologies. MediaLock for IPTV is a software-based system using IPSEC and industry standard encryption algorithms to maintain the security of each transmission to its intended point of consumption. MediaLock for IPTV will consist of a client that runs on the provider Set Top Box (STB), which interacts with a MediaLock Server and Gateway.

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