Harris ships DL-860 SD, HD legalizer

Harris has begun initial shipments of its new DL-860 high-definition and standard-definition serial digital legalizer.

The first units were shipped to Henninger Media Services in Arlington, VA; Post Asylum in Dallas; and Glue Editing and Design in New York City.

The DL-860 serial digital legalizer eliminates the guesswork of signal legalization for both HD and SD.

The DL-860 serial digital legalizer expands upon the features of the DL-850HD serial digital legalizer, providing support for SD and HD input signals. The DL-860 accepts all popular HD and SD formats, with complete flexibility for legalizing HDI-SDI or SD-SDI signals.

The DL-860 output format tracks the input format, and the signal can be legalized to HD, SD, RGB and/or encoded color space. CRC values are monitored and recalculated to ensure proper output values. Input equalization added to the incoming video is displayed on the front panel.

For more information, visit: www.harris.com.