Global Microwave Systems introduces CML

Global Microwave Systems has unveiled the Configurable Messenger Link (CML) a high-performance, firmware-configurable DVB-T/COFDM wireless video link.

The CML, composed of the Configurable Messenger Transmitter (CMT), the Messenger Smart Receiver (MSR), and the Messenger Antenna Array (MAA), provides flexible wireless link configuration.

The CML is user-configurable for standard-definition operation or selectable operation between SD and HD. The CML platform uses a multiple-signal input, maximal-ratio diversity combining technique enabled only by the combination of the MSR receiver and MAA antenna array.

The CML platform uses a robust COFDM modulation and DVB-T Digital Video Broadcasting – Terrestrial standards, which provide frequency diversity and powerful Forward Error Correction, FEC, algorithms. The CML is also available with a recently announced "High-Throughput Option" effectively doubling the system performance of up to 64Mb/s, enabling the transmission of studio-quality digital video.

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