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Gepco introduces flexible, ruggedized fiber-optic cables

Gepco International has introduced and demonstrated a new line of flexible ruggedized fiber-optic cables at InfoComm. Designed for portable applications in harsh environments, the new TactiFlex Flexible Ruggedized Fiber Optic Cables are tough and lightweight, yet more flexible than standard ruggedized fiber cables on the market.

Unique to TactiFlex fiber-optic cables is a polyurethane outer jacket that is 30 percent more flexible while remaining abrasion-, chemical- and cut-resistant. For further damage protection and mechanical isolation, the 125µm single-mode fiber elements are coated with a 900µm, hard elastomeric, tight buffer. Available with either single-mode or multimode fiber, TactiFlex cables are currently offered in a distribution-type construction, which uses an aramid strength member filler for exceptional strength.

With multiple connector options to choose from, TactiFlex Flexible Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies provide a rugged, portable system with extra flexibility. TactiFlex can be terminated with precision ST, SC, LC and FC format connectors, as well as Amphenol T-FOCA II and Pierside connectors. Additionally, TactiFlex cable has been qualified for use with Neutrik opticalCON connectors and is ideal for use with expanded beam systems. Machine polished, Tactiflex Cable Assemblies are available at almost any length and terminated to user specifications.