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Front Porch Digital, Grass Valley expand joint marketing

Front Porch Digital has expanded its relationship with Grass Valley to include joint marketing activities.

The focus of the new effort is the integration of Front Porch’s DIVArchive archive management application with the Grass Valley NewsBrowse Web-based browser/editor. The next evolution of this integration is represented by the addition of the new Grass Valley K2 media sever and media client systems.

Over the past three years, Front Porch has deployed DIVArchive in more than 20 broadcast facilities using Grass Valley Profile video servers. The Grass Valley integration team has included DIVArchive in 10 other digital workflow solutions throughout Europe, Asia Pacific, Russia and North America.

Front Porch is also working with Grass Valley to deploy K2 servers in two new customer facilities. Grass Valley is marketing Front Porch’s DIVAworks archive in a box product linked to NewsBrowse for low-cost news solutions.

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