Frame sync added to 360 Systems Image Server

360 Systems has added a new frame synchronization feature to the ImageServer 2000, which improves compatibility with satellite receivers, tape machines and other non-genlocked video sources, as well as eliminates the need for external synchronization equipment.

This latest upgrade enhances the Image Server 2000's value to Pro AV users by making it easier to migrate from analog to digital workflow. The Image Server is gaining widespread Pro AV adoption, particularly among PEG television, house of worship and entertainment venue users, because of its unique position as an affordable solution for streamlining workflow and storage, and reducing operating costs.

Other features include Playlisting software, a RAID-5 drive array with up to 170 hours of storage, composite analog and digital SDI video I/O, and remote-workstation controllability. The Image Server 2000 can also receive FTP transfers of video and graphics from workstations, and accepts a wide range of file formats without the need for additional file-conversion equipment.

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