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Florical to launch FanChat

Florical Systems will be unveiling several new products at NAB2008 including FanChat, which provides the local broadcaster with the ability to generate revenue through social networking. FanChat is an instant messaging-style chat agent that will tie into Florical's AirBoss system. The FanChat user will be able to register with chat rooms based on the prime-time, news and sports programming provided by the local station. Prior to the start of the show, the agent will prompt the user to connect. Once connected, he will enter an exclusive room with other local users that are connected through the local station. This product allows the local viewer the opportunity to socially network with other viewers in the station's market.

FanChat features Web banners above the chat room that provide revenue to the local station and can be set to change based on on-air commercial breaks, including links for local commercials during on-air playback.

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View Florical's S.M.A.R.T. Central interface at NAB2008.