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FCC grants Modeo transmission power increase

Mobile TV broadcaster Modeo has received permission from the FCC to increase the transmission power of its 1670-75MHz L-band spectrum license, purchased in 2003. The company, which is developing an offering of live digital television and audio broadcast and podcasting to mobile devices, needs higher power to optimize its national spectrum.

The grant for a power release comes at an important time in the development of Modeo's mobile TV initiative. Modeo formally announced details of its commercial-quality beta service in the New York City metropolitan area earlier this year. Participants in the service include formal beta participants as well as a select group of wireless carriers, digital communication providers, reporters, industry analysts, financial analysts and content providers. Modeo anticipates several hundred users to participate during the course of the beta service.

The FCC's approval increases the aggregate permitted transmission power for Modeo's 5MHz of spectrum from 2kW to 20kW in urban and suburban areas and 40kW in rural areas.

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