FCC enhances incentive auction website

The Federal Communications Commission has launched a new LEARN (Learn Everything About Reverse-Auctions Now) website with enhanced online resources as a one-stop information resource for television broadcasters and other incentive auction stakeholders.

The new LEARN website provides easy access to a range of information and resources that will help broadcasters and other stakeholders make better business decisions about participating in the incentive auction. The FCC anticipates holding the auction in 2014. The site also offers information about the proposed incentive auction process, and the unique business opportunities created by the incentive auction.

One new feature on the website is an 11-page summary of the broadcast incentive auction process, prepared by the Incentive Auction Task Force staff. This FCC Staff Summary highlights the key issues considered in the broadcast incentive auction notice of proposed rulemaking.

The FCC’s broadcast television spectrum incentive auction will be the first such auction ever attempted anywhere in the world. 

The 2010 National Broadband Plan introduced the concept of incentive auctions as a tool to help meet the nation’s growing spectrum needs. Incentive auctions are voluntary.