Expway launches eMBMS software

Expway was proud to launch the 5th generation of its eMBMS Mobile Broadcast software at the Mobile World Congress 2013. The software enables mobile operators to broadcast live or on-demand content on their LTE network.

The reason for carriers` interest is clear: In 2016, 70 percent of the total mobile traffic will be video content.

The software allows carriers to reduce significantly the costs when delivering Live TV, and it can also be used to create new innovative subscription-based or pay-per-view services by using Push VOD and filecasting. It is estimated that the new software will allow carriers to offload 20 percent of their traffic. As a concrete example, an operator can save 12 percent of its Youtube traffic, just by caching the 20 most viewed videos and transmitting them using eMBMS.

Expway`s new software is composed of a device middleware, a DASH video player and a BM-SC server. The software smoothly integrates with operators’ existing OTT services as it relies on DASH video protocol.