Estonian broadcaster opens new playout center with playKast

Estonian broadcaster and network operator AS Levira has invested in ON-AIR Systems’ playKast Komplete solution for its new multichannel playout center. The solution will enable Levira to air a number of new channels, the first of which — Swedish HD film channel Silver HD — went live in September 2007.

The playout center comprises equipment from Pro-bel, Softel, Rorke Data and Sony, and is controlled centrally by the playKast Komplete solution.

ON-AIR’s K-Series software is being used for ingest and playout. ON-AIR Kapture controls Sony VTRs remotely for HD and SD material, while channel branding files are transferred directly to Levira from Sweden. Media files are stored centrally using Rorke Data’s NAS and XenData’s tape storage, while media transfer is controlled by ON-AIR’s Media Library.

The playKast solution plays out the video, audio and subtitle files for up to four languages. Audiovisual files are routed to Sweden over a dedicated media connection using JPEG2000 compression, with a separate path for subtitle files. In Sweden, the Softel subtitle inserter adds DVB subtitles to the ON-AIR stream. The whole signal is then compressed using MPEG-4 for uplink and encrypted transmission.

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