Enigma to show new content protection smartcard

Enigma Systems is launching a virtual smart card for video content protection at IBC2005

Enigma Systems will unveil its VIP-Smartcard at IBC2005 in September.

The virtual smart card can be used to secure broadcast of audio and video content. Software-based, it is designed to replace existing smart cards in pay-per-view digital television decoders, and is automatically renewed at the same time the user selects a program.

The device is used to secure the reception of audio and video content in any remote device without altering them materially. The Smartcard is based on Certex Systems software. The software requires no encoding/decoding key or bidirectional transmission channel. It cannot be attacked as easily as other security systems and also protects software and content in real-time.

For more information, visit www.enigma-systems.com.

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