ENG file-based transfers offer alternative, flexibility

At NAB2005, new ENG transmission systems emerged to better integrate field news crews and the footage they shoot into the newsroom workflow
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The MRC Digital Field Production system transfers files edited on a laptop with Avid via microwave transmission.

Microwave Radio Communications and Nucomm both showed ENG systems at the NAB convention last week that will allow journalists working in a news van in the field to transmit files from news editing systems using an FTP transfer over a microwave path to the studio.

While the systems differ in some specifics of their implementation, they share many common concepts. Both integrate news assets in the field with the workflow in the newsroom. Both can use a return path from the news studio carried on an unused ATSC channel to inform the system in the field of any dropped or damaged information packets that need to be resent. Both can use a return microwave link or even a cell phone connection to request dropped data packets. That eliminates the need for additional forward error correction necessary when using a one-way link. Such FEC can double file sizes.

The Nucomm presentation was a technology demonstration. The MRC Digital Field Production package is currently available.

According to MRC and Nucomm, both are appropriate for FTP transfers and live ASI feeds.

For more information, visit www.mrcbroadcast.com and www.nucomm.com.

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