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eeZee tv purchases Eyeheight playout system

Eyeheight's playout master control system at eeZee tv.

eeZee tv went to air March 1 using Eyeheight's playout master control system. eeZee tv is a new satellite-based and point-of sale shopping channel. It is broadcasting on Sky Digital from a five-camera studio and transmission suite at the John Mills headquarters in London's Kentish Town. Project design and installation was coordinated by E to E in the Leeds, UK.

Eyeheight's playout incorporates a vision mixer and independent signal router. In addition to its role as a presentation switcher, playout can be doubled in an emergency as the main studio mixer and transmission-path router.

The playout master control system comprises a 1RU base processor and six core units: mix/wipe module, keyer, audio/voice-over module, internal cross-point, logo-store and DVE. These can be configured as an automated A/B mixer or scaled up to a complete multichannel master control system with manual over-ride. Up to three independent channels can be housed in a single chassis. Transitions can be performed via manual T-bar, timed with manual activation or fully automated.

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