Direct To Sailor TV anchors programming with Sundance

The U.S. Navy recently commissioned Sundance Digital for a Titan automation system for its Direct to Sailor TV (DTS-TV), a satellite TV service based in Riverside, CA. The Titan automation system enables the Navy to distribute multiple channels of programming to some 260 Navy, Coast Guard and Military Sealift Command ships on-duty around the globe. DTS-TV operates under the umbrella of the Naval Media Center (NMC).

The NMC needed to replace a legacy automation system and modernize its operations with newer transmission technologies. For the switchover, they temporarily installed a small Titan package in order to stay on-air using the original playback devices, while the larger primary Titan system was brought online in a new control room nearby. With the installation complete, the smaller Titan is now available for use during system maintenance and future channel expansion.

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