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Digital Rapids enhances watermarking with StreamZ CP version 2.3 release

Digital Rapids has released version 2.3 software for the StreamZ CP family of professional content encoding solutions with integrated digital video watermarking. The latest version expands the systems’ forensic watermarking capabilities.

StreamZ CP builds on the StreamZ and StreamZHD encoding and transcoding platforms, adding sophisticated forensic watermarking technology from Philips for rights protection and tracking. Forensic watermarks can be applied during real-time encoding to any format, and watermarked digital video can be later analyzed with a software watermark decoder to determine its source. The watermarks can be detected even after significant alteration to the video.

Enhancements to the watermarking functions in StreamZ CP 2.3 include the ability to apply watermarking during both transcoding and live encoding and up to five separate watermarking keys can be layered in a single real-time pass.

An integrated ticketing database enables tracking of used watermarking keys against user-specified properties and data for easy identification.

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