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CueCast console file-conversion service goes online

Interfile format conversion that really works may not be the Holy Grail of digital audio, but it’s something that engineers have been eagerly anticipating for years. With digital audio work stations and consoles, the ability to save projects begun in one system and open them in another with most-if not all-parameters transferring has the potential to simply the process and save tons of time.

Zeehi, an entertainment technology company dedicated to developing solutions to improve workflow, demoed the CueCast Digital Mixing Console User File Conversion Service at the InfoComm show held in Las Vegas in June of this year. The concept is simple; users of the Avid Venue, DiGiCo SD8 and SD10 and Yamaha PM5D digital consoles can upload bussing and sub-group assignments, routing, mute automation, EQ and a host of other parameters to the company’s site, specifying the format they want to be available to another user. The conversion takes place at the site.

Zeehi expects to expand the CueCast feature set and the number of formats this new technology will address. Users are invited to try the service at no cost; two free file conversions will be available for 30 days upon sign up, with a no penalty opt out option. More information on CueCast can be found at