Cordillera Communications selects Harris for final full-power DTV buildout

Harris will deliver dual-cabinet SigmaCD digital UHF IOT transmitters to KATC.

Cordillera Communications, owner of 11 U.S. television stations, will complete the digital TV full-power build-out of all of its stations with Harris transmitters.

The remaining five stations are: KRTV-TV in Great Falls, MT; KVTQ-TV in Billings, MT; KSBY-TV in San Luis Obispo, CA; KOAA-TV in Colorado Springs, CO; and KATC-TV in Lafayette, LA.

A long-time Harris customer, Cordillera also is using a large portfolio of Harris automation and networking solutions at many of its stations. Last June, Cordillera launched a centralization project across three of its Montana stations — KXLF-TV in Butte, KBZK-TV in Bozeman and KXLH-TV in Helena. The project’s cornerstone is a central hub at KXLF to ingest, prepare and distribute broadcast content to the other two stations using Harris ADC playout automation, digital ingest and satellite ingest solutions. Cordillera also upgraded an existing Harris ADC system at KOAA and installed a new Harris ADC-100 playout automation system at KSBY.

Harris will deliver SigmaCD digital UHF IOT transmitters to KATC (dual-cabinet), KSBY and KOAA (both single-cabinet) and upgrade existing lower-power Platinum CD digital UHF solid-state transmitters at KRTV and KVTQ to full power. Each transmitter will feature the Harris Apex digital exciters and eCDi enhanced transmitter network monitoring and control systems to allow remote monitoring of transmitters at all four stations from a central location. Most remaining Cordillera stations are operating Harris PlatinumCD digital VHF or DiamondCD digital UHF solid-state transmitters, while WLEX in Lexington, KY, operates a SigmaCD transmitter.

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