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Channel 4 rebrands with Pixel Power’s Clarity

Pixel Power’s Clarity system is providing on-air graphics for London’s Channel 4.

Channel 4 in London recently purchased its 10th Pixel Power Clarity system for graphics creation and graphics playout. As a result of the successful implementation of the initial graphical creation and playout requirements for Channel 4, Clarity systems have also been purchased for E4 and its disaster recovery service.

Channel 4 asked Pixel Power to create a specific on-air look, but needed the presentation to feature the ability to have the content semi-automated using fast loading and easily editable templates that could be changed and ready for air in a matter of minutes.

Pixel Power devised an Excel spreadsheet that was linked directly to the Clarity template pages. Operators using the Clarity could change the entire contents of a menu and produce a new one without knowing anything more than how to type text into a spreadsheet. The text for the program times and names was imported directly from the spreadsheet into the Clarity template. The program video clips stored on the Clarity internal clip drives could be chosen easily from the spreadsheet by selecting from a drop down list. All the elements, each with their own animation durations, were combined to form the look that is on air now.

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