Broadcast Networks helps Chellomedia expand its NOC

UK systems integrator Broadcast Networks has recently completed the renewal of Chellomedia’s vital network operations center (NOC) at its Amsterdam-based digital media center (DMC).

The Chellomedia DMC currently distributes about 80 channels including a pan-European feed of National Geographic Wild and separate local feeds of the National Geographic Channel for Central Europe, Scandinavia, Benelux, Poland and Hungary. The expansion in the number of channels distributed by Chellomedia required a more comprehensive NOC, which is effectively the heart of the DMC. From here, signals are transmitted to distribution centers and satellites and carefully monitored to ensure optimum quality.

Broadcast Networks was commissioned to handle the design, build and installation of the NOC expansion and rebuild. Phase one involved building a new NOC adjacent to the existing NOC and equipping it with new desks, monitors and a central KMV matrix. The upgraded NOC consists of a number of new playout and control desks, together with a new KMV matrix. The new and larger NOC will support Chellomedia in expanding its multichannel operations and cope with monitoring more channels on its extended monitor wall.

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