Beyerdynamic adds new KE 800 camera-mount RF receiver at NAB

The KE 800 portable RF receiver uses automatic channel scan and an infrared transmitter link to ensure fast, reliable setup in the field.

Beyerdynamic announced the introduction of a new camera-mounted wireless receiver, the KE 800, at NAB2006. This is a compact, rugged unit that features exceptional ease of use through the incorporation of AutoScan and Automatic Channel Targeting (ACT) to select an interference-free channel. The frequency can then be transmitted via infrared link to the associated beyerdynamic transmitter (either Opus 800 or Opus 500 Mk II), ensuring fast and accurate setup in critical field conditions.

The KE 800 uses diversity reception, pilot tone recognition and adjustable squelch to minimize the chance of interference or dropouts. The receiver’s liquid crystal display captures critical information like AF and RF levels, transmitter battery level, and frequency/channel for the operator. A lock function prevents inadvertent changes, and adapter plates make the unit directly mountable on Sony and Ikegami cameras.

The KE 800 is available in four different frequency ranges, each offering 100 discrete pre-programmed channels across a 24MHz bandwidth. The casing is rugged aluminum, and the unit weighs in at just 220 grams.

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