Auralex Acoustics introduces Screen6 at AES

SpaceCoupler-based system tames early reflections without sacrificing energy.
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The Screen6 System from Auralex combines aesthetics and control of early reflections.

At the recent AES show, Auralex Acoustics introduced the Screen6 System. Consisting of six pArtScience SpaceCouplers, a product designed by Russ Berger for Auralex, the Screen6 System can be placed on hard walls and ceilings to tame early reflections without taking energy out of the room.

Screen6 is presented as an affordable alternative to using absorption to control specific reflection paths. A Screen6 cloud or wall grouping spreads out energy from the monitors, removing the discrete reflection while keeping the energy’s contribution to the room’s reverberant tail. As the angle of the sound source increases, the SpaceCoupler provides increased diffusion. The lightweight Screen6 System includes all the necessary hardware to support multiple configurations.

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