AT&T ushers in digital living room with Homezone IPTV service

AT&T last week launched its much-anticipated Homezone IPTV service in San Antonio, TX, and across the company’s broadband footprint in Ohio.

The service relies on AT&T’s existing copper infrastructure to deliver a variety of services, including Internet-based video with satellite TV programming, video on demand and digital video recording, as well as voice and Internet services. The service is targeted at areas where the company’s fiber-optic-based U-verse TV will be unavailable.

AT&T Homezone service integrates AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet, AT&T DISH Network satellite television and AT&T Home Networking services via a single device. AT&T and 2Wire developed the receiver at the heart of the system. It integrates entertainment content wirelessly, sharing data with a 2Wire home networking gateway that communicates with the AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet connection. This in-home integration drives content for movies on demand — or music and photos from the PC and AT&T Yahoo! High Speed Internet portal — to the TV.

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