Advanced Broadcast Systems expands with Pharos and Sony

Pharos Playtime automation at the Advanced Broadcast Services playout facility

Advanced Broadcast Services, a British full-service provider of playout, transmission and broadcast resources, has chosen a Sony PetaSite data library as the basis of an expanded play-to-air facility.

The PetaSite includes two SAIT-1 data-tape drives and a terminal server. It occupies a standard 19in rack console and can accommodate 12 drives and 216 cartridges for up to 108TB of native capacity. Seven cartridge and/or drive consoles can be added to the base system. The cartridge consoles allow users to add up to 330 cartridges for 165TB of extra native capacity. Sustained native data transfer rates for the SAIT PetaSite library will reach up to 2.88GB/s and a standard file can be restored in just over one minute.

Advanced Broadcast Services' existing Pharos Playtime automation system is being expanded from six channels to 12. The existing videotape library will be digitized to the PetaSite archive over the next year with a Pharos Mediator system managing ingest from the Flexicart, to a Pinnacle video server, and controlling data transfer to the PetaSite archive.

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