Zenith offers HDTV personal video recorder

Zenith’s HDR230 represents a new generation of set-top boxes that combines digital HDTV tuning with PVR features. It uses an 80 GB hard drive to record either standard or high-definition programming.

The HDR230, designed to work with a HDTV set, offers RGB or component (YPbPr) 1080i/720p/480p output, S-Video output, A/V output, coaxial/optical Dolby AC-3 audio output and an ATSC (8VSB) antenna input.

A major tradeoff is limited HD record time. Only about eight hours of HD recording is allowed, compared to nearly 30 hours for standard definition programming.

The Zenith HDR230 is available now.

For more information visit www.zenith.com.

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