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Z Technology announces new 8VSB/ATSC digital television demodulator

The Z Technology DM1010W is a reference quality 8VSB digital television demodulator.

The DM1010W is built on an instrumentation platform suitable for use at a studio, transmitter locations or installation at remote receiver sites. This demodulator uses an RF front-end designed for true instrumentation performance with good phase noise performance and frequency stability over the television spectrum. The design minimizes internal distortions so transmission distortions can be accurately analyzed by high-signal-level 8VSB measurement equipment until now restricted to the transmitter location.

Several DTV quality-of-service metrics are monitored and made available for analysis using a Windows-based Z Technology application on an attached PC. These metrics may be displayed and analyzed as they are sampled, and may be recorded over time to provide trend information. The WinDM application program makes collection, recording, and analysis of data simple and straightforward. This demodulator can be installed as an instrument for optimum-performance off-air reception and house distribution of an 8VSB modulated DTV signal. High level RF signal and industry standard MPEG data outputs are measurement quality for use with external RF and MPEG analysis instrumentation.

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