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YTN News turns to WASP3D for election graphics

South Korean news channel YTN News used the WASP3D graphics solution for its exclusive coverage, analysis and presentation of the nation’s 2007 presidential elections.

South Korean voters Dec. 19 elected former Hyundai CEO Lee Myung-bak president.

The YTN News team developed the complete election package application using the Software Developers Kit (SDK) provided with the WASP3D solution. The SDK allows OEM developers to customize the application to meet their needs and yet use all the real-time 3-D features of WASP3D.

WASP3D enables live display of analytical graphics using bars, pie charts, lower thirds and tickers, while integrating with multiple data sources. WASP3D has been used for live event coverage at Sahara TV Network and Mauritius Broadcasting Corp., as well as during elections in Kuwait and the presidential elections in Turkey.

Synergy Korea, WASP3D’s partner in South Korea, worked with YTN News on the project.

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