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Younger adults more likely to cut the cord, says Friedman

A couple of recent studies from different sources have given pay TV operators reason to breathe a little easier with their findings that “cordcutting” — or cancelling pay TV subscriptions in favor of watching Internet TV and movies — does not pose a serious threat to their business model.

Not so fast, says Glen Friedman, president and founder of Ideas & Solutions!, a Los Angeles-based consultancy specializing in media and technology companies. A recent survey found that some 60 percent of Generation Y pay television subscribers, those who are 18- to 29-years old, are leaning towards or are seriously considering cutting the pay-TV cord.

The study, conducted by Friedman’s company, asked 500 Gen-Y pay-TV subscribers about their desire to cut the cord and access television over the top.

In this podcast interview, Friedman discusses the report’s findings and its implication for traditional pay-TV providers.