YLE to upgrade Blue Order MAM

YLE and Blue Order have signed a framework agreement under which YLE will upgrade its existing Media Archive installation to the latest version and will continue to extend the scope of the system. Through a series of new deployments, the system will evolve into YLE's enterprisewide media asset management (MAM) system for TV, radio and online/new media productions (METRO).

The first new deployment at YLE, to be based on Media Archive 3.2, will include the production of all program material in the International Program Acquisitions operation, which produces some 3000 hours of programming yearly for YLE channels. Future deployments include a MAM system for the news, radio and online services, and for the remaining TV productions. In addition, the system will be used for managing file transfers among regions.

YLE has used the Blue Order Media Archive system since 2002 with a digital radio archive containing approximately half a million media objects.

For more information, visit www.blue-order.com.