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Yamaha, Rupert Neve Designs form strategic alliance

Yamaha Corporation Japan and Yamaha Commercial Audio Systems have announced a strategic partnership with Rupert Neve Designs based on both parties’ involvement with virtual circuitry modeling (VCM) technology. VCM is an exclusive Yamaha digital technology based on a method of modeling the individual characteristics of a multitude of parts and components contributing to the final sound signature of original analog circuitry.

VCM recreates the sound and characteristics of several classic compression and EQ units and tape machines from the ’70s available on most current Yamaha digital mixers. These models faithfully capture the unique saturation of analog circuitry and have been fine-tuned by leading engineers. They feature carefully selected parameters in a simple interface that makes it easy to achieve the desired ideal sound. Subtle saturation effects have been painstakingly modeled to bring the warmth and richness of the original analog gear back to life in a stable, easy-to-operate digital format.

Rupert Neve Designs has openly embraced Yamaha VCM technology as the first digital technology that can accurately reproduce Rupert Neve’s analog sound, reaffirming the Yamaha commitment to digital and its ability to sound as pleasing as analog.