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WTVS Taps DNF For Omneon Control

(March 18, 2004) Sylmar, CA--WTVS Detroit Public Television (DPTV) is using DNF Controls' 4000CL Clip Fast Access System as a controller for the station's new Omneon SPECTRUM media server. The 4000CL facilitates DPTV's conversion of master control to digital by providing a user interface for control over server channels.
Currently, DPTV is using DNF Controls' 4000CL Clip Fast Access System primarily for record and playback-for-air for the station's pledge drive. The station plans to purchase a second unit for use in production, where VTRs will be phased out entirely.
The 4000CL system consists of DNF's ST300 Slow Motion Controller with Shotlist software. Because the ST300 controller features a control panel much like that of a VTR system, DPTV operators were able to begin using the system almost immediately.
"The 4000CL allows us to use our new Omneon video server the way we envisioned. Despite funding limitations, we've been able to take a significant step forward in our transition to digital," said DPTV vice president of engineering and technology Helge Blucher. "The 4000CL has allowed us to move away from VTR use and realize the benefits of digital record and playout capability. We now have a greater recording capacity, and we have reduced the potential for playout errors."
"The 4000CL provides a simple plug-and-play solution that allows facilities such as DPTV to leverage newer, more advanced media playout systems without delay," said David Jaffe, vice president of sales and marketing at DNF Controls. "It offers the control that broadcasters need, at a price point they can embrace."
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