WRAL-TV to Stream Local Signal to Raleigh-Area Viewers

WRAL-TV in Raleigh, N.C., is partnering with Decisionmark Corp. to retransmit its broadcast signal over the Internet.

WRAL is using "Titancast" technology from Decisionmark to stream its signal on the Web. By inputting a credit card number to verify address, WRAL viewers can view live real-time programming from the station on any Web-enabled device. The project, known as "Apollo," makes WRAL-TV the first United States television station to provide local, network and syndicated content restricted to the station's off-air viewing area.

When fully implemented, the technology will allow television network content to be freely streamed by affiliates without unintended distribution outside their viewing markets.

"With TitanCast, local broadcasters will finally be able to take advantage of all the capabilities presented by the Internet. The local nature of over-the-air broadcasting and the worldwide reach of the Internet are no longer mutually exclusive," said Jack Perry, Decisionmark CEO.