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'World's Sexiest TV Tuner'

"World's sexiest TV tuner" is what U.K. magazine Stuff called the Mobix USB DTV tuner. What sets it apart from other USB 2.0 DTV tuners is its antenna, which is disk shaped (it appears to be about the size of an English muffin). According to the review, an external antenna called the "Devil Ray"-- which it says looks like a Manta Ray -- is available to improve reception.

For more information on this tuner, see Hot Stuff - World's sexiest TV tuner. Oh yes, like the other USB 2.0 miniature DTV tuners announced in the last few weeks, this one is for the DVB-T standard. When will we start seeing similar devices with ATSC reception capability? Now that the FCC has set a deadline for all TV sets to include DTV tuners by March 1, 2007 (see the FCC Second Report and Order - Docket 05-24, perhaps we'll see more interest in building devices like this for use in the United States.