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WLNY-TV Allowed to Shut Down Analog Transmitter

The FCC granted WLNY-TV authority to shut cease analog broadcasting on channel 55, surrender its license for the channel prior to the end of the DTV transition period and operate WLNY-DT as a single channel, digital-only TV station on channel 57.

In a letter authorizing DTV-only operation at WLNY-TV, the FCC said, "While the early return of its NTSC channel will result in loss of the sole off-air analog service authorized to Riverhead, WLNY contends that the impact on the public will be imperceptible, given the cable penetration rate in the DMA. WLNY further states that it will request cable operators to initially carry WLNY-DT's off-air digital signal in an analog format, and provide the cable operators with the conversion equipment necessary to translate the station's signal from digital to analog. In addition, WLNY notes that over 99 percent of potential viewers within its analog Grade B contour already receive service from at least five other full service television stations, and the small number of households that receive only three (331 households) or four (5,810 households) off-air signals are located along the southern edge of Eastern Long Island in an area commonly referred to as 'The Hamptons.' Because this community primarily consists of seasonal homes, WLNY states that it is unlikely that these households rely solely on an off-air signal."

The request by WLNY-TV to shut down its analog transmitter was covered in an earlier RF Report.