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WJLA-TV in D.C. Goes Local HD

WJLA-TV in Washington, D.C. (DMA no. 9) became only the second broadcaster in the market to transition its local newscasts to HD. The switch came on Monday, Dec. 8. The ABC affiliate is transmitting in 720p.

While the D.C. region barely makes the Top 10 in market size among the nation’s DMAs, of course it is the “home market” for the FCC, Congress, and most of the federal government—and for that reason it’s perhaps a bit surprising that WJLA-TV is only the second local station to make the switch to HD news, weather and sports. The first local HD broadcaster in the market to go local HD was WUSA-TV, a CBS affiliate.

Typical for nearly all local HD stations right now (not to mention the networks), virtually all of WJLA-TV’s ENG content this week continues to be 4:3 SD.

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