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WJCT Television Equips New Truck With Pro-Bel Technology

WJCT, a PBS member station in Jacksonville, Fla., has selected Pro-Bel equipment to form the infrastructure of its new digital production truck.

The truck is equipped with a Pro-Bel 32×32 SDI video matrix, along with a 32×32 analog audio frame and multiple control panels. Pro-Bel's Vistek signal processing technology is also used for audio and video distribution, as well as A/D and D/A conversion functions.

"The truck is 100 percent Pro-Bel for distribution and routing," said Duane Smith, director of technology at WJCT. "We chose these technologies following recommendations from peers and after an impressive onsite demonstration."

The truck is used to provide both live and recorded content for station broadcasts. It's set up for four-camera operation.

In addition to an analog television signal, WJCT also transmits five standard-definition digital program streams and a pass-through HD signal.