WITF-TV Upgrades With BroadView

Public broadcaster WITF-TV in Harrisburg, Pa. has implemented the BroadView Software integrated traffic and programming system to upgrade its underwriting tools. The companies said the upgrade lays the foundation for adopting ACE; a multicomponent broadcast system designed for participating PBS member stations.

The BroadView underwriting system tracks both specific program underwriting, as well as time-based underwriting spots. The traffic component of the software features drag-and-drop functionality designed to simplify the addition of promos, IDs, underwriting spots and other interstitial material. WITF said the upgrade would eventually reduce the time required for traffic personnel to construct its logs.

"We were an early adopter of broadcast automation, and so we have been keen observers of the development of next-generation solutions like BroadView," said Ron Hetrick, director of technology for WITF. "For a long time, our sales staff has needed better tools than the spreadsheets and informal systems that have gradually evolved here over time. With BroadView, they have an immediate grasp of what's available and that is invaluable in helping drive them to meet their goals."

The companies said installing BroadView marks the final phase of a five-year project, transforming manual and analog operations to automated digital broadcasting that will culminate with the construction of the new WITF Public Media Center, a 72,000-square-foot technical operations and community center scheduled to open in 2007.