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Wisconsin Public TV Adds Calrec Zeta

Wisconsin Public Television (WPT) has ordered a Calrec Audio 40-fader, 108-channel audio console that will be installed in a new mobile production unit.

“The perception is that a station of our size and with our resources can't afford Calrec," said Curt Sorensen, WPT audio engineer. “But we already have a Zeta in our studio. In fact, one thing I love about Calrec is that there's an expensive version and a more modestly priced version, and the audio quality is the same. They say you get what you pay for, but in this case, I'd say we're actually getting more.”

The console will be able to deliver 42 stereo channels of audio, in addition to 24 mono channels. The new truck replaces an older unit that dates back to 1983. The new HD vehicle is being constructed by L-3 Communications, with integration services provided by Request Communications.