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WireWorld Studio selects Bricasti Model 7 stereo reverb processor

Nashville-based producer and facility owner Michael Wagener has added the Bricasti Design Model 7 stereo reverb processors for use on a variety of CD and surround-sound projects in his WireWorld Studio. The 5.1-capable studio features two Sony DMX R-100 digital consoles linked to a Steinberg Nuendo 4 digital audio workstation, controlled by a Euphonix MC PRO Series DAW controller. ADAM Model S3A and A7 loudspeakers provide monitoring.

The new Model 7 stereo reverb processor features a new reverb algorithm, True Stereo Reverb Process, which accurately creates true acoustic spaces. M7 includes more than 100 reverb presets, including halls, plates, rooms, chambers and ambient spaces. The minimalist user interface offers a total of 15 parametric program parameters and 50 user registers, and four front-panel “favorites” enable quick saves and A-B comparisons.

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