Wireworks takes center stage at renovated Missouri theater

The Missouri Theater Center for the Arts recently lifted its curtain after a major restoration. While audiences were captivated by what was happening on the stage, Wireworks, audio/video cabling systems provider, was behind the scenes taking center stage in upgrading the theater’s sound system, with both multichannel and custom cable assemblies as well as Wireworks’ specially manufactured custom panels working as audio connection points for the entire sound system.

The renovation team relied on Wireworks to not only manufacture but to design all the custom panels throughout the theater. This was no easy task considering the 10-month renovation of the 80-year-old, 1226-seat performance and theatrical auditorium, which is also home to the Missouri Symphony Orchestra, went well beyond installing a new state-of-the-art audio system.

The custom Wireworks panels are being used for audio connection points throughout, including microphones, intercom systems, listening assists, microphone plug-ins and monitor plug-ins. Approximately half a dozen different styles of custom panels, all engraved with I/O connector destinations, have been installed. The panels range from anodized and bronzed aluminum to stainless steel — each custom designed to blend with the environment in which they were installed.