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Wheatstone Engineers Dimension for TV

A new television console was just one of the introductions at Wheatstone Corp.'s first-ever NAB Show press conference.

Josh Gordon, director of marketing and content development for Wheatstone, was on hand to reveal some new developments from the company.

"You're all welcome to an historical event," said Gordon.

Topping the list of new products was the Dimension One, a console engineered for television applications and equipped with built-in digital networking. Most of the unit's electronics are packaged externally, including networking, digital signal processing, logic functions and the mix engine. This configuration creates a more compact and cooler running control surface; it also makes maintenance and expansion easier.

Also new is the ALP-1000 Television Loudness Processor, which performs loudness management in compliance with the ITU-R BS.1770. It can function as an audio processor, a loudness manager or both.

Gordon also disclosed additions to the company's WheatNet IP networking system—the IP-88VE Audio Processing BLADE; the SideBoard control surface, a small-footprint desktop control surface; and the RAZOR BLADE, designed for limited I/O applications, such as connection with a telephone hybrid or satellite receiver. © 2011 NAB